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South Portland, Maine

​An estimated 5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds.

The Advanced Wound Care Center in South Portland, Maine specializes in the treatment of acute and “chronic” or non-healing wounds and ulcers. We are dedicated to providing a better alternative to those individuals suffering from chronic wounds. The goal is to heal wounds more quickly so that our patients can get back to what matters most, living their life! 
Each of our patients will be provided with a comprehensive and individualized care plan, developed to meet their specific needs. Ultimately, this will lead to a quicker recovery and reduce the chance of recurrence because we go the extra mile to identify and correct any underlying problems. Our patients will receive the highest level of care in a professional and nurturing atmosphere by a team of skilled and compassionate professionals.

Our expert physicians work closely with you to treat all types of wounds including:

Pressure ulcers
Venous stasis
Diabetic ulcers
Radiation wounds
Non-healing surgical wounds
Ostomy wounds
Varicose Veins
Unusual or rare skin ulcers

Our wound care team plays a vital role in advancing the healing process, restoring normal function, and educating patients and caregivers on wound care and prevention. We take a holistic approach to total care. Faster healing time starts with the right diagnosis and management plan. Sometimes small changes in therapy make large differences in the healing process and best results occur with regular visits at our wound care center.

Wound care is our business. If you have a wound that is not healing, give us a call or ask your primary care physician for a referral to the Advanced Wound Care Center.