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Wounds are caused by numerous injuries, medical conditions and chronic diseases, such as diabetes and venous disease. Minor wounds can often heal in 1-2 weeks with minimal attention and care. However, some wounds do not heal easily and can become ‘chronic’. A chronic wound is generally defined as a wound over 4 weeks old that has made minimal or no progress in healing. These wounds are often painful, debilitating and labor intensive to heal. Once a wound becomes chronic it is time to consult a wound care center that provides specialized treatment. 

The major factors that contribute to a chronic wound are:

Inappropriate medications or dressing products
Poor blood flow
Underlying illness
Circulation issues
Traumatic injury
Post-surgical wound complications

The key to successful wound care is making the correct diagnosis and then to determine the proper course of treatment. Our team of wound care professionals at the Advanced Wound Care Center is trained to evaluate wounds and then recommend the best treatment plan of proven therapies and clinical protocols for each patient.

Treatment options include:

Wound debridement 
Edema reduction therapy
Skin lesion removal
Topical growth factors
Laceration repair
Compression therapy
Wound specific products

In many cases, it is simply a matter of changing wound conditions to favor wound healing and this takes a trained professional. 

A very important part of a successful treatment plan is education. The Advanced Wound Care Center offers thorough training for you, your family and/or care givers on caring for the wound at home. Educational materials and resources related to prevention, nutrition, hygiene and other key topics can also be provided for you, your family and/or caregivers.

Dressings and frequent dressing changes are an extremely important part of the healing process. Dressings come in all shapes, sizes and costs. We will always use the most cost effective options recognizing that sometimes the most expensive dressing is not always the best choice.

Chronic wound care can be time consuming and patients can easily become discouraged when a wound has been managed for weeks with seemingly no improvement. Faster healing times start with the right diagnosis, treatment plan and best results occur with regular visits to our wound care center. Some wounds, such as venous leg ulcers, take up to 3 months to heal even with expert care.

Chronic wounds are often associated with severe health risks and left untreated they can result in hospitalization for life-threatening infections, potential limb amputation and other debilitating health issues. Advanced Wound Care Center’s holistic approach to wound management requires attention to all factors affecting one’s health. 

If you have a wound that is not healing, give us a call at 207-899-1835 or ask your primary care physician for a referral to the Advanced Wound Care Center.